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When Content is King, YOTTA’s Gotcha

When Content is King, YOTTA’s Gotcha

When Content is King, YOTTA’s Gotcha

When Content is King, YOTTA’s Gotcha

#YOTTA2021 isn’t just a catchy hashtag—there’s plenty of content behind it that travel advisors can use to boost their business during the Year of the Travel Advisor and beyond.

You hear all the time now that content is king—in an age where there’s a deluge of information, a lot of it just noise blaring in your customers’ ears and popping up before their eyes, quality stands out more than ever. And that’s where the Year of the Travel Advisor swoops in to life you above the clamor.

As part of ALG Vacations’™ YOTTA program, we’re working on a robust content library that will help you raise your voice in the social space, your local media channels, and whatever marketing you’re looking to put out there. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect in the year to come:

Timely Footage

We’re taking you and your customers where all of the *action* is, with video coverage from resorts you sell to excursions, tours, and transfers your travelers want to be on. Shot by our sales team right on the ground, we’re not afraid to show the world what’s really going on at our supplier partner resorts. We’re showing you safety protocols in action with our TripTrust™ partner properties, testing facilities and procedures, check-in protocols, and other timely moments that will come up as new guidelines develop, and putting it on social media like the ALGV Facebook page so you can easily share these firsthand accounts.

Animated Shareables

We know from our Shareables section right here in TravelBlogue that you love consumer-ready content, and we’ve got a bunch coming for you. Rather than have you explain our flexible policies over and over again to different sets of people, we’re creating easily digestible, short videos that illustrate exactly what we mean. These will just be another set of tools to help travelers feel more at ease and put their concerns to rest while freeing up your time.

Social Media Toolkits

Speaking of sharing and of tools, we’re building whole kits for your social media to help support the Year of the Travel Advisor. We’ve already released our Facebook profile picture overlays, which you can add as a frame to your profile picture to proudly proclaim your status—and ready-to-help business—to literally everyone you know. On ALGV360⁰, we have posts with pre-written caption options you can just cut and paste, and suggested hashtags that you can schedule or publish whenever you want. These won’t be limited to generic travel thought-starters, either—actionable promotions-related content can be found here, too!

Whatever you post, don’t forget to tag @ALGVacations and include #YOTTA2021 in your caption or description. You might end up featured within our social media and on our YOTTA page if you do!

Marketing Collateral

You know that ALGV360⁰ covers “every degree of marketing.” This is more true now than ever as we will continue to update the collateral you can find there, from flyers, postcards, banner ads, and print ad templates to customizable options.


In these times where real-life engagement is challenging and your audience is no longer captive for walk-throughs of details with you, interactivity is the key. Our all-new Travelogues address that directly, allowing you to create customizable brochures with the Apple Vacations, Travel Impressions, or Funjet Vacations look and feel—whichever is best suited for your customer. These interactive brochures include video clips, deeper dive discovery sections, and allow you to include curated recommendations for where to stay.


Know. Grow. GO! was a hit and we’re going to keep running around the bases with it. Professional development is so important for travel advisors, and we know that information and expertise is what sets you apart. We’re going to continue to produce webinars featuring topics you want more information on, hosting panels with executives, and give you the data you need to keep growing.

Irresistible Offers

Of course, we also have to put our money where our mouths are to truly rise above the competition and gossip and trepidation of naysayers. Whether your clients are ready to lock in a trip today or later, for departure tomorrow or months in the future, ALGV is going to continue to get the best rates to the destinations your clients love. From Steal of a Deal’s rotating rock-bottom features to our larger, full-inventory sales, whenever your customers are ready, we are, too, with promotions that drive urgency and values that may end up being the tipping point.

So as you can see, from our ready-to-post social media toolkits to our brand-new line of interactive Travelogues and ever-expanding TravelBlogue, ALGV is giving you MORE to help support your role in to reinstating confidence in travel.

Learn more about what we’re doing for YOTTA!

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