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Far from "Wasting Away" in This Margaritaville

Far from "Wasting Away" in This Margaritaville

Far from "Wasting Away" in This Margaritaville

Far from "Wasting Away" in This Margaritaville

In fact, this new all-inclusive resort will fill you to the gills!

The song may go that Jimmy Buffett is “wastin’ away in Margaritaville,” but when Margaritaville is Island Reserve Inclusive®, nothing could be further from the truth. The only waste and spoilage you’ll find at the new Margaritaville Island Reserve Resorts is how wasted (just kidding!) and spoiled (this part’s serious) guests will find themselves from the minute they get here.

Between the food and beverage, it won’t just be the crooner’s fans singing the praises of this new all-inclusive concept! Although everyone will have a chance, what with the vibrant entertainment program. And we don’t just mean evening live shows, daytime musical performances, and schedule of activities. Even the way the goodies are served are novel, clever, and designed to go beyond entertaining into the realm of delight.

One of the biggest hits has been the blender bikes (pictured above), which guests can use to puree their own smoothies, mocktails, or cocktails. There are two on site and photos of them all over Instagram!

Of course, you don’t have to work for your drink if you don’t want to. In fact, in-room margarita makers mean you don’t even need to leave your room if that’s your preference.

However, days in paradise are too pretty to waste, right? So it won’t take too much enticing to lure you out of your chill, island-vibe room and into your specially designed Margaritaville flip-flops. Because when it comes to margs at Margaritaville Island Reserve, you can also just have them delivered to you, wherever you may be. There’s swim-up service at your own pool and floating bars that make the rounds at the main one. Guests can go ahead and cash in on their “License to Chill” with a signature margarita by that name. There are a ton of other exciting flavors of the resort’s namesake drink, too, from sweet like mango to spicy like the jalapeno. All of that and more show up on the most fun drink menu you’ll find anywhere: printed on the sides of a beach ball!

In the unlikely event there’s nothing on the wide, wide menu of cocktails that appeals to you, this resort also has mixology classes to help you create your own specialty drink.

As tempting as it sounds, we all know you can’t have every meal in liquid form, though. (Or can you?) To keep spirit levels as high as in your beverage, this all-inclusive resort puts a heavy focus on their food.

A spinning wheel takes all the pressure of decision-making out of your hands to further reduce your stress levels!

But again, that doesn’t mean you have to put too much work into it. The beach ball cocktail menu isn’t the only way you can leave your order up to fate. This resort’s poker, spinning “wheel of fortune,” and dice menus take all the stress out of “what’s for lunch?” or “where for dinner?”! And because this resort is by Karisma, known for its Gourmet Inclusive® concept, there really is no wrong choice. You see it in exclusive offerings like “special foodie hours,” times where the best dishes from their signature restaurants are made available so that you can experience as much of the resort’s dining options as possible. Twenty-four hour room service helps you keep those hours going throughout your vacation, and pop-ups well, pop up frequently with goodies like popsicles, spirits flights, and grab-and-go margaritas.

To make a date night (or day) of it, though, the regular restaurant options are nothing to sniff at, either. The Beach House is their international, all-meals venue; Rita’s Taco House serves up authentic Mexican; Frank & Lola’s is Italian; and Latino blends Latin and Asian flavors. But for additional cost, you can have them bring the date right to you with a picnic on the beach. They coordinate everything, from pillows to blankets and a meal you don’t soon forget. But if that’s a little too low-key for you, you’ll want to get yourself to the Cheeseburger in Paradise party, where live tropical rock bands play as you enjoy exactly that.

So yeah, it’s always going to be 5 o’clock somewhere, but this new resort concept keeps those clock hands frozen at this time … along with those slushy, cold drinks. So we say once more, wasting away? We think not.

Dinner table with tacos and extra ingredients

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