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I-SOLO-ation Vacation

I-SOLO-ation Vacation

I-SOLO-ation Vacation

I-SOLO-ation Vacation

One is far from the loneliest number when social distancing is in play. Take an iso-cation to recharge.

If there’s anything this pandemic has shown us, it’s that there’s nothing wrong about spending some quality time with #1. In fact, with social distancing guidelines in play, there’s everything right with it. As keeping to oneself is encouraged for the greater good, one is far from the loneliest number, and just goes back to being simply the best on several levels beyond just reducing your health risk.

However, that far from means that we should each individually stay relegated to our own homes. If we’re being honest here, we all need a break, which is why an isolation solo vacation (an i-solo-cation, if you will!) is definitely in order. It’s the best way to rewind, reset, and relax, and going it alone at a TripTrust™-verified property means that you can stay in your protected bubble of safety even when you’re not at home.  

For those of us who want to get away and spend some quality time with “one”self, RIU Hotels & Resorts is the brand to look at right now. Not only do they have CDC-guided proprietary SAFE & SOUND Health Protocols fully implemented, but in a rare move, they’ve done away with the single supplement fee* typically standard the world over! This is exclusively for bookings made and traveled by October 26, 2021, in addition to reducing rates by up to 57%.

So that’s the lure for savings, but for travelers who want to double dip into the value bucket, too, RIU’s making it shooting fish in a barrel. They’re also waiving cancellation fees and giving away resort and spa credit to make it an especially extra #treatyoself kind of situation for the independent traveler.

Better yet? This international chain has properties all over everywhere you want to go, and adults-only options that will help you really get in that peaceful solo flow. For instance, the Riu Palace Bavaro Hotel in Punta Cana and Riu Palace Peninsula in Mexico both have adults-only sections, while Riu Palace Paradise Island in the Bahamas is strictly for grown-ups.

If an over-18 scene isn’t a make-or-break for you, your options widen to include destinations like Aruba, Jamaica, Costa Rica, and of course, hot spots all over Mexico. With social distancing, intentional lower occupancy, crowd control measures, and of course, the SAFE & SOUND rules previously mentioned, on top of attentive service, you’ll barely notice your fellow guests, much less their kids!

Your full list of stay options with no single supplement and up to 57% off are as follows:

  • Riu Palace Bavaro Hotel, Punta Cana
  • Riu Bambu Hotel
  • Riu Republica Hotel
  • Riu Palace Aruba Hotel, Aruba
  • Riu Palace Antillas Hotel
  • Riu Palace Jamaica Hotel, Jamaica
  • Riu Ocho Rios Hotel
  • Riu Montego Bay Hotel
  • Riu Palace Costa Rica Hotel, Costa Rica
  • Riu Palace Pacifico Hotel, Mexico
  • Riu Vallarta Hotel
  • Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas Hotel
  • Riu Santa Fe Hotel
  • Riu Palace Baja California Hotel
  • Riu Palace Riviera Maya Hotel
  • Riu Palace Mexico Hotel
  • Riu Playacar Hotel
  • Riu Palace Costa Mujeres Hotel
  • Riu Dunamar Hotel
  • Riu Palace Peninsula Hotel
  • Riu Palace Las Americas Hotel

Let us know in the comments … which one do you want to do your spiritual solo soul-searching at?

What’s a single supplement fee?

Most rates per night or per package are advertised at a dual occupancy basis, which means that it’s assumed you’ll be traveling with one companion and sharing one room. Whether you’re sleeping in separate beds or not doesn’t matter; as long as it’s two people per room, it still counts.

Putting two guests in a room is a win-win for both hotels and vacationers. For the property, that’s one more person spending time and resources at the resort, enjoying its services; for the travelers, they’re splitting the cost of the room and package.

Single supplement fees are a compromise for when there is not another traveler and is actually a bit of a misnomer. The way we look at it, it means that the resort is generously declining to charge the full-room rate (for two) and instead, is crediting a portion back for what the non-existent second guest is not consuming. So sure, it’s an additional charge to make up for the absence of the other person, but it’s also much less than paying the per-room rate head-on.

Not ready to leave the fam at home for a solo getaway? RIU Hotels & Resorts is also offering free stays for kids at Riu Bambu, Riu Palace Bavaro, Riu Playacar, Riu Negril, Riu Ocho Rios, Riu Dunamar, Riu Emerald Bay, Riu Vallarta, Riu Santa Fe, Riu Playa Blanca, and Riu Guanacaste. PLUS every 6th passenger stays for free and free wedding packages are available on top of the up to 57% off rates and waived cancellation fees. This offer was just recently extended, so grab the family and get on your way!

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