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Ask a Pro: What Shoes Should I Pack for Off-Site Excursions?

Ask a Pro: What Shoes Should I Pack for Off-Site Excursions?

Ask a Pro: What Shoes Should I Pack for Off-Site Excursions?

Ask a Pro: What Shoes Should I Pack for Off-Site Excursions?

As we pack our suitcases, the question of shoes is a bulky one. Literally.

All of us have favorite shoes, and picking which ones we absolutely, positutely CANNOT live without on vacation is sometimes a tougher decision to make than which swimsuit to bring. But they take up a lot of room in our luggage, and for many of us trying to travel with carry-ons only (hello to skipping the luggage carousel and going right to our Amstar DMC transfer!), it’s critical to choose wisely.

So we went ahead and turned once again to Sashoi Beswick, Inside Sales Agent for Amstar DMC, as we Ask a Pro on behalf of the pros (like you!) we tell travelers to plan with.

Water shoes. Style don’t, but practical do?

Well, it depends, Beswick says. “Water shoes may not be necessary for all excursions, but they’re highly recommended for water-based activities. They can indeed be the best type of footwear for those involving water activities, like the ones you’ll find at Scape Park in Dominican Republic. Across thrilling water attractions, rocky terrain, and slippery surfaces, they provide excellent traction and protect your feet from sharp or slippery rocks.”

She also suggests waterproof sandals or neoprene booties “if you’re feeling adventurous!” But the main takeaway from his experienced perspective is this: “Remember, when exploring the wonders of nature, style comes second to safety!”

What about adventure/sport sandals?

While this writer personally swears by her Tevas and Chacos have their share of devotees, most tours ask people refrain from wearing sandals on an adventure excursion, no matter how strappy, comfy, and rugged those sandals may be. As Beswick puts it, “Sandals might be great for the beach, but they’re not cut out for all adventures, like hiking or exploring rough terrain.”

Shee elaborates, “For example, if you join a zipline activity in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, wearing sandals could lead to them flying off your feet, turning your adventure into a ‘sole-searching’ mission!” This is particularly true of flip-flops, which should be reserved for poolside and beachfront lounging.

On the other hand, “Closed-toed shoes are important because they protect your feet from injuries, provide better support, and offer improved grip on slippery surfaces,” Beswisk expands. “Also, for activities like the ATV Congo Trail in Costa Rica, it’s actually mandatory to wear closed-toed shoes to protect your feet from injuries and to comply with safety requirements.”

This is especially important to note since the last thing any vacationer wants to do is pay for an excursion only to be forced to sit it out while watching everyone else have fun!

Closed-toed shoes are a must. Got it. But what kind?

“The type of shoes you should wear depends on the specific activities and terrain you’ll encounter during your excursion,” Beswick says.

“For more challenging adventures like the Blue Hole Exotic Adventure in Jamaica, we recommend wearing hiking shoes that provide better support, grip, and protection for your feet.

On the other hand, for a more leisurely experience like the Tulum half-day excursion in Mexico, sneakers or closed-toe sports sandals should suffice. These options offer a good balance between comfort and protection while exploring the beautiful ancient ruins.”

Last Words

Beswick’s parting wisdom is simple. “Ultimately, consider the activities and the environment when choosing your footwear, so you can enjoy your adventure to the fullest and keep your feet happy along the way!”

We all know how important it is to Plan with a Pro when it comes to travel. After all, Travel Advisors Get You There. But equally important is making sure advisor pros are supported and surrounded by pros themselves, particularly when it comes to topics peripheral to travel. That’s where TravelBlogue comes in as we Ask a Pro on your behalf to provide you with tips and advice from fitness, health, nutrition, mental health, beauty, wellness, and travel gear experts from around the world … and put it all at advisor fingertips.

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