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How to Choose the Right Transfer

How to Choose the Right Transfer

How to Choose the Right Transfer

How to Choose the Right Transfer

Transfers are not exactly headliners when it comes to a vacation itinerary … but that’s not to say they’re not critically important. Getting to the resort and back to the airport can be stressful and tiring; it can set the tone for the vacation on the way in, or, for better or for worse, be the last “taste” left in your mouth at the end of one. So it’s crucial to get this detail right.

That’s why ALG Vacations partners with Amstar DMC, a fully insured destination management company with a track record for excellence and reliability and a rigorously enforced Safe & Clean sanitation protocol. Many of ALGV’s brands—such as Travel Impressions and Apple Vacations—even include transfers with most bookings to Amstar-serviced destinations like Cancun and the Riviera Maya automatically, to better ensure that this detail isn’t overlooked.

The default transfer is a shared shuttle, which is fine for most travelers, provided it’s with a reputable company like Amstar, who promises no more than four stops per ride, which others may not guarantee.

Most simply, shared shuttles are typically well-equipped, air-conditioned modern and comfortable commercial passenger vans with a combination of individual bucket seats and bench seating, plus plenty of cargo space for luggage.

Shared transfers are the epitome of efficiency, making them not only the most affordable option, but an eco-friendly choice for transport. How? Passengers staying in the same vicinity as one another are assigned vehicles by the ground operator’s logistics team, who work to carefully synchronize routes and work out timing to ensure the most efficient drop-offs and pick-ups. Their job is to minimize the time passengers are sitting in the vans either waiting to go or riding en route, as well as to ensure that guests have enough buffer between leaving their resort and clearing security at the airport for their departure home.

Next are shared express or non-stop transfers. These can be offered by the brand you book with as an add-on service, or with specific hotel and resort brands, such as Hotel Xcaret, which includes a direct coach bus for their guests only. In addition, some tour operators within the ALGV family work with properties to offer this upgraded option with certain room categories as an added thank-you for their guests’ patronage. For example, Travel Impressions’ Partner Privileges program, Funjet Vacations’ Insider Circle Perks, and Apple Vacations’ Exceptional Values offerings.

For vacationers who prefer privacy and the most expeditious option, the top of the line choice is a private transfer, offering a dedicated driver for their journey. These also involve higher end vehicles when opting for private deluxe services, which can make any special occasion feel even more so.

Either way, private transfers guarantee personalized service, a direct route, and—important to many with the current climate of COVID-19 precautions—minimal contact with anyone outside of their party. Additionally, since no accommodations need to be made for other riders, this option also gets guests to their destination resort more quickly, and lets them stay a bit longer, too, for a more flexible schedule that maximizes their vacation time.

Similarly, private group transfers allow for this on a larger scale. Ideal for destination weddings, family reunions, corporate gatherings, and the like, Amstar’s large group transfers provide modern coach buses with spacious storage compartments below deck for luggage; roomy reclining seats; tinted windows with curtains; and available PA capabilities to make communication within your group a breeze.

As you can see, there are no wrong choices when it comes to booking a transfer with your trip. Rather, it’s about what fits your needs for comfort and convenience, as well as budget. The only mistake you could make is not including one with your booking, and that’s one ALGV and your travel advisor can easily help you avoid.

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Prices per person in U.S dollars. Prices and excursions subject to change. Consider the nature of the excursion to be sure it is appropriate for you age and physical condition. Amstar DMC is an independent destination management company offering services to ALG Vacationers. Excursions are operated by local independent suppliers in Mexico.

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