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Hear It from Travel Advisors: Why Should I Use a Travel Advisor?

With typically no cost and all benefit, the question is why wouldn’t you?

This question seems like a softball question. The answer’s easy, right? For most people, it’s to save time and money, and make the most of both on your vacation. To have an ally in your corner for when things don’t go as planned, advocating for you when you can’t do it yourself. Or to have someone you can count on to ask any questions you may have.

But it’s more than simple service. The relationship between a customer and their trusted travel advisor runs deeper over time, as they provide customized recommendations, get psyched alongside you for your celebratory milestones, memorize your preferences, and fight for your hard-earned dollar.

Some of our top travel advisors share with us why their clients come back to them again and again in this video for our Let’s Hear from Travel Advisor series in honor of #YOTTA2021, the Year of the Travel Advisor.

But if it’s skill set you want to know about, find out directly from these professionals what expertise they bring to the table when planning your vacation.

Travel advisors do what they do because they love travel and want to help others fall in love with it, too. Hear from our partners what inspires THEM to serve their customers.

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