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Hear It from Travel Advisors: What Inspires Travel Advisors?

In an all-new video interview series for #YOTTA2021, we share unfiltered feedback directly from the travel advisors we serve.

The beautiful thing about travel is that it’s such a personal journey. From destination choices to career choices, there are so many ways to get to travel when it’s your goal.

If you’ve ever wondered what moves travel advisors to do what they do, or wanted to hear more about the diverse range of life experiences that have made them experts in their field, watch the latest video in our Hear It from Travel Advisors series—part of ALG Vacations’™ continuing focus on our partners and professionals during #YOTTA2021, the Year of the Travel Advisor.

In this video, some of our top agents share what “drove” them to this career choice and how their life paths can benefit your vacation planning.

Or, watch this one to find out why they work in travel—what motivates them, inspires them, and makes travel advisors the right professionals to trust with your travel dreams.

What you’ll learn is that travel advisors do what they do with passion and compassion. Which is exactly why everyone should use a travel advisor.

There are a lot of misperceptions about what it’s like to use a travel advisors, like that it costs more or that travelers can just suddenly know everything about a destination on their own. But the truth is, there’s a counterargument for every myth. Read about the top reasons some customers DON'T use a travel advisor here!

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