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Hear It from Travel Advisors: Why ALGV?

In an all-new video interview series, we share unfiltered feedback directly from travel advisors, because #YOTTA2021 is all about YOU.

It’s easy for our team at ALG Vacations™ to rattle off the million and one reasons travel advisors should book with us. After all, it’s literally what our jobs are focused on: keeping you happy. But of the many programs we offer, services we provide, incentives we roll out, and promotions we create, which ones matter most to YOU?

We find out with our new Let’s Hear from Travel Advisors YouTube series, where we ask agents just like you what keeps them coming back to book with ALGV.

Why? Because our #YOTTA2021 promise was to make this year all about you. About helping to build stronger this community that has been through so much, and persevered through it all with impressive resiliency.

Although most of the other videos in the Let’s Hear from Travel Advisors collection are perfect for posting to social and sharing with customers, and fans, this one is just for you. Check it out here:

And if you’re curious about who these speakers are and the experience level they’re speaking from, click Play below to get to know your peers.

Even after the mess COVID-19 created of 2020 travel plans, some people are still not booking with travel advisors. (We know; we can’t believe it, either.) For some insight on why, read this post and share this video to help set the record straight.

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