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Hear It from Travel Advisors: Why Don’t Travelers Book with an Advisor?

With a million reasons to use a travel advisor, why are some customers reluctant? Our advisor interview series takes a look.

It’s easy to say why consumers use a travel advisor. They want help navigating changing health and safety rules, complicated logistics, and all the research that goes into a great trip. You’re an expert, and they rely on you to guide them. But what about travelers who always seem to book online or independently? Why don’t they go to a professional for their vacation planning?

As part of our Let’s Hear from Travel Advisors series of interviews for the Year of the Travel Advisor, we recently asked some of your peers the reasons they’ve found potential clients are reluctant to book.

In the end, what it boils down to is preconceived notions of what an advisor costs rather than what they give. So the next time a traveler seems focused on the negative, remind them of all the benefits a travel advisor, and only a travel advisor, can bring … and look back on your achievements with pride.

We know why travelers should choose an advisor for incredible getaways, but why should you choose ALG Vacations™? Don’t take it from us—Hear It from Travel Advisors!  

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