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Six Great Apps to Have Ready for Travel

Six Great Apps to Have Ready for Travel

Six Great Apps to Have Ready for Travel

Six Great Apps to Have Ready for Travel

You wouldn’t travel without your phone. So why travel without the best apps to keep your trip in gear? Here are our best recommendations.

At this point in the game, our personal cell phone devices are extensions of not just our hands, but our brains. Traveling without our Smartphones is unimaginable, so getting on the go without the right app? Well, that just seems like leaving a piece of our brain behind!

To help vacationers travel smarter, we at ALG Vacations® partnered with Amanda Donnelly from PRHacker to round up some of our favorite, most useful apps to ensure that the information they need to have a great time is right at their fingertips.


This amazing, comprehensive trip planning app is like a portable digital filing cabinet. You can put all of your documents here and stay up to date on health regulations and guidelines, no matter how much they change. TripIt can inform you about what to expect regarding Covid 19 regulations during your travels, including mask guidelines, cancellations, refunds, and travel restrictions. The app also offers information about digital health passports, infection rates, and any other requirements for your travel destination. 


Ride-sharing is an efficient, convenient, and often affordable way to get around if local public transportation or taxi service isn’t as readily available. Downloading these apps and finding out in advance if they service your vacation destination is good for peace of mind and flexible exploring. However, they’re no substitute for managed airport transfers, though, or guided tours and excursions, so in destinations such as Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and other similar tropical beach areas, be sure to book those through Amstar DMC for vetted, guaranteed service and safety.


When you’re staying at a food-focused all-inclusive resort such as those by The AMR™ Collection, Hoteles Xcaret, Velas Resorts, or Karisma Hotels & Spa Resorts®, you might be tempted to disregard this tip since some of the very best dining in the area can be found right on premises and included in your stay. However, it’s definitely not to say you shouldn’t go exploring the dining options outside of the gates. These table-booking platforms gives you a great lay of the land in terms of local and authentic dining, and are absolutely essential when traveling domestically. When traveling somewhere unfamiliar, all it takes is a simple search to get on top of the trends and find out what’s good nearby.  

Google Translate

Real-time translation tech has taken a lot of anxiety out of visiting destinations where you don’t share the same language, and Google’s just keeps getting better and better. Over 1 billion people have sought out assistance from Google’s translation app to help them understand over 108 international languages. And you can use it for text, documents, and even websites, too.

Hotel/Resort App 

Many hotel and resort brands have their own apps now, including Hyatt and AMR™ Collection properties. These are a great preview into the property at which you’ll be staying, and can help get you acquainted with the amenities, the layout, and the pro-tip extra perks you should keep an eye out for. Take a peek at menus, activities, inclusions, show times, and more days, weeks, or months ahead of your big trip to make the best use of your time in destination.


In addition to downloading traditional travel applications, you should take steps to protect your device and digital information while on the go. The FTC is cautioning travelers to be on guard for online travel-related scams such as stealing traveler’s credentials through phishing campaigns that pretend to be an airline, credit card company, or TSA. This app will automatically monitor and identify unsafe WiFi networks as well as scam URLs in email, text messages, and on the web and block you from threats that can do harm. 

For more tips on smart travel, read up on the importance of Travel Protection Plus with Trip Interruptions, Travel Delays & More: What Are You Covered For? and Unsure About Medical Coverage While Traveling? Here’s What You Need to Know. Or you may want to know the appropriate clothing to pack for that resort vacation you’re looking forward to. If so, read What to Wear? Demystifying Resort Dress Codes.

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