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Best Practices to Prep for Peak

Best Practices to Prep for Peak

Best Practices to Prep for Peak

Best Practices to Prep for Peak

Were your holidays restful this winter? Good, because as a member of the travel industry, we’re gearing up to get back to the grind at warp speed. Just like that, the “hap-happiest season of all” is suddenly, without another pause, the buzziest, busiest season of all: we’re hitting peak, folks, and we hope you’re ready for it!

Pent-up demand has been penned and then released in spurts, and we’re about to experience yet another big one. Many travel advisors do the bulk of their business during these upcoming months, and ALG Vacations® is primed and ready to get them prepped for peak. With the tour operator’s emphasis on education and professional development 365 and 24/7 access to the most up-to-date resources and reference materials, they’re the partner to turn to as business ramps up. Brushing up on all of their offerings is the best practice you can take on before you take on the upcoming reservation rush. Here’s a crash course on what you need to dive into.

Education Library

With ALG Vacations®, the time is always right to Know. Grow. GO! That’s because their training team is constantly developing current curriculum around current events, with topics that are immediately relevant. Live webinars are released every week, and past sessions remain available on demand to help you better answer your customers’ tough questions. Virtual FAMs also provide insider looks so that you can speak from experience without even going to the resort or destination.

Also perennial is the self-help library ALGV is constantly adding to, giving advisors “the power to change” … details on their bookings, we mean! Their custom-developed VAX VacationAccess booking engine has added a lot of features that let advisors edit their bookings themselves, saving them time waiting on hold and waiting on confirmations. ALGV even has a guide to during-travel customer support you can explore!


With the vast education library ALG Vacations® offers, advisors find themselves uniquely informed. But how to best convey all of that valuable knowledge to their clients?

The answer is Travelogue.

These interactive, customizable online brochures cover top destinations in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Hawaii, and include all the information they need to sell themselves on their dream vacation. They include synopses of top resorts, complete with amenity options, maps, images, even links to video, and more! And this revolutionary brochure style is even easier to share with travelers than traditional print brochures. Customize by clicking, then click again to send for them to browse.


Let’s take a step back. What if your clients haven’t reached out yet, but you know some personal details about them, or that they’ve expressed interest in a destination or resort in the past? That’s where ALGV’s TravelBlogue comes in. And since you're here, you're already several steps ahead of the game.

This online publication for travel advisors is not only chock-full of articles that keep you in the know about news, niche, and special travel-geared topics—it’s also got hundreds of stories marked “Shareables” to make it easier to start a conversation! From what foods you can fly with to COVID safety-themed gift guides to lifestyle-related travel themes including LGBTQ+ destinations, TravelBlogue has got the perfect opener for you. Direct links to articles make them easy shares via email, just to remind folks that you’re around and ready to book them. Or, just click on the social media icons and hit the “post” button to make it even simpler.


Another great way to gain market share? Marketing the new old-fashioned way, to customers old and new by generating leads and creating traffic and brand-name recognition for your agency. That’s what ALGV360⁰ provides advisors, with a full and complete catalog of free marketing material you can customize, print, publish, post, and otherwise share with potential vacationers.

Options to tailor collateral to your agency makes sure your name is getting out there, professionally and impactfully. Material includes ready-made and ready to go social media posts, flyers, postcards, and even videos and images. The site even offers content on top destinations, resorts, and details and info on ALG Vacations® sales, which includes favorite brands like Apple Vacations, Travel Impressions, Funjet Vacations, Southwest Vacations, Blue Sky Tours, and United Vacations.

Partner Up for Peak

The best advice we can give you? Partner up. Get prepped for peak season with ALG Vacations®, the simple, solid, smart partner for travel advisors across the USA. Learn more at ... And prepare for business take-off!

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