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Why You Should Wear Pink This Wednesday

Why You Should Wear Pink This Wednesday

Why You Should Wear Pink This Wednesday

Why You Should Wear Pink This Wednesday

Move aside, Mean Girls, and make room for allies!

“On Wednesdays, we wear pink,” may have been the marker of a clique in Mean Girls, but this Wednesday, wearing pink stands for anything but. As the International Day of Pink, April 12 is a day for the global community to come together to take a stand against LGBTQ+ discrimination and bullying and celebrate our differences.


The first Day of Pink was held in 2007 in Nova Scotia, Canada. After a teen met with homophobic harassment at school for wearing a pink t-shirt, classmates rallied to wear pink in solidarity. Since then, the day—and message—has expanded around the world, recurring on the second Wednesday of April each year.


Wear pink! Whether it’s a pink shirt or an all-pink ensemble and whether you’re at home or traveling, dressing in a shade of pink shows you stand with people of all identities across all destinations. Take it a step further by incorporating the theme for 2023, Courage, or use an official design kit for shirts, buttons, stickers, and more personalized to your style.

If you want to do more to show your support, ask friends, family, or colleagues to join you in donning pink. Be sure to post pics to social media to spread awareness—and fight back against cyberbullying. Or, consider donating (time counts, too!) to your favorite LGBTQ+ charity.

Part of being a global citizen isn’t just enjoying our world’s incredible places, but understanding, and showing kindness to, its incredible, diverse people too. So, no matter where you find yourself this April 12, know that you can sit with us … and join us in wearing pink!

Want to show your pride while traveling? Find international ally hotels here and domestic destinations here.

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