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Looking Back: Best Markets for Winter Holiday Origin Cities

Looking Back: Best Markets for Winter Holiday Origin Cities

Looking Back: Best Markets for Winter Holiday Origin Cities

Looking Back: Best Markets for Winter Holiday Origin Cities

So now that we know where everyone is going, how about where they’re leaving from? What markets are hottest for folks on the move (and their travel advisors)?

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Atlanta, Georgia

Speaking of hot, the already enormous, fast-growing metropolis locals do not call Hotlanta beats out other big-name Southern cities with a 4.09 Mobility Index. This is the highest index in the country, which means that Georgians are spending the money to go on the move. It probably helps their numbers that ATL is the busiest airport in America and a hub for those from other nearby states, too, being that it lies on the border of several.

This makes northern Georgia a great place for travel advisors to focus on for sales, particularly for domestic bookings to San Francisco, Birmingham, Miami, and Orlando, where the majority of their visitors are from the Peach State.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Another point of origin where people feel free to move about the country is this famous city, 6.7% of whose visitors are surprisingly from neighboring Southern states such as Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, and Arkansas, despite its far-reaching reputation as a dining and leisure capital. New Orleanians are only a hair less mobile than Atlantans, coming up as a 4.08 on the Mobility Index.

Birmingham, Alabama

Another point for the Deep South! Bham’s Mobility Index clocks in at 4.06, edging out San Antonio, Texas and Miami and Orlando, Florida by absolutely tiny fractions. Every other destination on in the Scholaroo study ranked below a 4, even if only just. Alabamians from this part of the state are most often going to Orlando, Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco, and New Orleans for quick jaunts out of town.

Travel Advisor Business Growth Hot Take

To keep things hot in the south. This is a great area of the country to focus on for domestic travel growth if the ability and frequency of travel is an indication, and with the fact that they’re oftentimes going to Miami’s beaches, shifting them to an all-inclusive on a Mexican or Caribbean beach should be a natural vacation progression with the right hotel partners and promotions and offers.

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