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15+ Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas for the Traveler in Your Life

15+ Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas for the Traveler in Your Life

15+ Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas for the Traveler in Your Life

15+ Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas for the Traveler in Your Life

Gifts for travel-lovers are literally all over the place! With travel comfort a high priority, products that increase that vacay feeling while in transit is a booming industry. But not to worry – the editorial team at ALG Vacations® is on it, with some of our best recommendations for the best gift ideas for your favorite frequent fliers.

This traveler gift guide of 15+ favorite travel accessories will help you narrow down your options and figure out the categories best for the high-mileage jetsetters in your life.

Airplane Comfort Gear

Very often, flying is the part most people dread about upcoming travel. (Unless you count fighting traffic to get to the airport!) A huge majority of new products on the market are geared toward easing this part of the journey, but there are a few innovations that really stand out.

For instance, iLive Wireless Sleep Mask Headphones, which pulls triple duty to block out light and distractions to lull you into the soothing audioscape of your literal dreams … and gives you one less thing to remember and pack! It’s form-fitting but padded and soft, and Bluetooth tech that syncs to your device’s playlist means you can toss and turn without getting tangled. Plus, it comes pre-loaded with ten nature sounds and a full USB charge gives you 15 hours of peace.

Another innovation on a travel classic is the Trtl Travel Pillow Plus. Rather than the usual U-shape padded pillow (which, like toilet seat covers, everyone uses backwards and incorrectly anyway), this unique pillow has a structured internal support that keeps your neck upright, but is made of lightweight, space-saving soft fabric that you adjust to your preference with Velcro tabs. This also makes it significantly easier to pack and carry, scientifically proven to reduce the literal pain in the neck a long flight can be.

One more classic travel gift with a great update are compression socks to help improve blood flow while aloft, which helps to decrease swelling in the legs and ankles. Socks are a classic cozy gift, and as more folks realize how helpful compression ones can be, more makers are making them cute. Gone are the old grandpa socks of days of yore! Dr. Motion is one of the brands that offer fun designs and silhouettes like these knee-highs that encourage people to be and #travelkind (per the ALGV ethos!), socks with steins (a great complementary gift with a beer subscription … or Oktoberfest trip!), and more in ankle, crew, and other shapes.

Remote Working Gear

For the road warriors among us (looking at you, all travel advisors!), we have to be able to continue to TCB while on the move. And let’s be honest – it can be hard to get into a real work groove when you don’t have the familiarity of your regular office set-up or the tools and equipment that you’re accustomed to.

For those who work on multiple screens, as is often necessary when you’re working with research and moving information from website to doc, a lightweight portable travel monitor for laptops can be a total game-changer. There are a few brands that make them, some pricier than others and others lower quality than you’d hope. SIDETRAK is one of the original and best made – a great splurgey gift for a loved one. They swivel for optimal angling, and attach seamlessly with one strong hidden magnetic plate. It also changes easily into a freestanding monitor via its built-in kickstand.

Mobile Pixels, on the other hand, has frequent sales for a lower entry point, which makes theirs great buys. They also attach via magnets, but with four individually placed ones at each corner of your laptop. We love that they come in a multitude of fun colorways and slide back behind the laptop lid for screen protection and can plug in via an extra USB-C port without HDMI. Plus, brand new is the DUEX Float design that stacks above your laptop for better ergonomics as you view the screen on the go.

Road Trip Must-Haves

There’s not much worse than stale in-cabin air with strong hints of salt and vinegar, Cheetos, or Doritos lacing what’s pumping through your car vents. Yet when car snacks are part of the charm of a road trip, smells and crumbs can be unavoidable, right?

Wrong. A company called Drift makes wood, stone, and metal-based aromatherapy- and nature-inspired long-lasting air fresheners that work wonders to negate the aromas of gas station food and wet dogs. (Trust us.) They clip onto your visors unobtrusively; no danglies to distract or score you a ticket for having things hanging from your rearview mirror. These long-lasting scents come in spa-y and vacation-like “flavors” like Amber (rain, lavender, amber, sage), Cabana (coconut, bergamot, cedarwood, sea salt), Teak (musk, amber, pepper, teak, cider), and more … plus seasonal limited editions.

So that takes care of clearing the air, but what about the floors? Travel trash bins are a great invention for those passengers who prefer to keep their footwells reserved for their feet, and a variety are sold on Amazon for very reasonable prices, making them great “accessory” gifts. We recommend the ones that hang behind the center consoles like this one versus the ones that hang from behind your headrest. That puts those smells you’re trying to get rid of a little too close to comfort, if you ask us!

Luggage Upgrades

Anyone who travels a lot knows the value of exceptional luggage, and might spend more time weighing the pros and cons of one suitcase than a lifetime of weighing actual suitcases. For those who are always looking for the next best way to pack, we have some strong suggestions on brands who pay meticulous attention to everything about the packing experience.

Luxury brand TUMI is always a home run for delivering style, technology, and practicality, using materials that both last and look timeless. They became renowned for their use of practically unrippable ballistic nylon, a material used in WWII so strong, it was used to protect airmen from bullet and artillery shell debris. Now, they’re also known as a brand that makes high-quality travel gear that has a pocket for everything. However, luggage this thoughtful comes with a matching price tag. We recommend starting with the elegant Voyageur collection or investing in a perfect travel backpack as a first piece.

For suitcases, Monos and Away have become award-winning cult favorites. Away’s “virtually unbreakable” lightweight hardshells come in fun, funky colors, under which is a patented interior compression system. Monos also come in gorgeous colors that make picking them out of a carousel easy, and they also make the only hard-shell carry-on with an exterior pocket that keeps your laptop safe and at hand without need for a separate bag.

However, we can’t sing enough praises about Solgaard’s Carry-On Closets. These beautiful, recycled material-lined, soft-latch, hard-shell suitcases eliminate the concept of unpacking (a boon for those who feel might feel a way about using hotel drawers) with a compressible hanging shelf pack that hooks right onto the suitcase itself when expanded. Genius.

But if you’re going conventional, Taskin Duplex compression packing cubes have are this writer’s personal pick that have stood the test of time. With one ventilated mesh side, sturdy solid nylon side, and sturdy zippers to keep them contained then compressed, these durable but still lightweight cubes are light years from the flimsy material of some of their competition.

This kind of ventilation and separation is key for keeping stink out of your travel gear, so active travelers will appreciate those cubs or washable STNKY travel laundry bags, which keeps all your worn clothes enclosed, encapsulated, and contact-free, even up to the point of getting home. They have a mesh lining for separation and unzip from top or bottom so you can invert and drop the entire bag and its contents into your washing machine as soon as you get home.

Great Gift Cards

For those who travel a lot, conventional gift ideas of chain or local restaurant gift cards or even general retail might find themselves unable to really use them. On the other hand, there are certain things that we all need to take care of when we’re away from home. For instance, petcare. For that, Rover offers gift cards that can take the sting out of the cost of pet-sitting or boarding, and you can be sure that if your recipient is a user of the service, that gift will come in clutch.

Then there’s always the issue of transportation. Find out what parking service they like to use when they park to fly, and see if that facility offers gift cards. Or even easier, many major retailers and supermarkets now sell Uber and Lyft gift cards, giving them the convenient and eco-friendly option of rideshare services for getting to or from home or around in their destination.

You might also want to consider getting a gift card to a store like REI for some good adventure shoes. Nothing’s worse than ill-equipped or aching feet while away. Blisters, scrapes, and lack of support can put a grinding halt on hitting the ground running, which makes the right footwear super important.

For warm weather exploration or beach trips, sporty adventure sandals are clutch. Like our previous category, these have evolved into some stylish designs nowadays – straps are now cute as well as functional and ergonomic footbeds and grippy soles are well disguised. Brands like Teva, Keen, and Merrell make dozens of modern versions for different types of walking, from trail to street, and even waterproof and semi-closed toe so that you don’t have to pack a second pair of shoes to go on an excursion.

But for those who don’t have Pre-check or Clear, we can’t recommend enough the airport-friendly slip-on/slip-off convenience of Kizik sneakers, whose soft heel cups flatten to let you slide right into your shoes hands-free, but bounce back to hug the back of your feet without crushing the shoe’s structure. The traction may not be the best, but the convenience for your everyday go and not having to bend and fuss with shoes at the TSA line is well worth it.

Want more holiday travel tips? How about what foods you can fly with? Get the list here.

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