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How to Keep Busy in Kauai

How to Keep Busy in Kauai

How to Keep Busy in Kauai

How to Keep Busy in Kauai

Known as the jungle or garden island of the Hawaiian chain, Kauai is also the oldest and northernmost island, characterized by dramatic landscapes of sharp peaks, jagged cliffs, dramatic mountains, tropical rainforests, and incredible waterfalls. However, not all of its natural attractions are easily accessible – there are many that you can only get to by air, by sea … or when you Ask a Travel Advisor.

Professional travel advisors who work with ALG Vacations® brands such as Apple Vacations, Travel Impressions, Funjet Vacations, Southwest Vacations, Hawaii experts Blue Sky Tours, and United Vacations have access to excursion outfitters like Amstar DMC (formerly known as Worldstar DMC in Hawaii) to package transfers, tours, and private outings for their customers. They work with travelers to uncover hidden Kauai … and some of the best of Hawaii. And together, they can answer questions about this cinema darling destination.

So when you plan your Hawaiian vacation, plan also to package these two top tours in your itinerary. Future you will thank you as you’ll understand why we say, “You had me at ‘aloha’!”

Kauai Movie Adventure Tour

A limo-bus as your means of transport is particularly fitting for a tour that takes you to destinations that might be just as recognizable as the stars that filmed their hits there. Kauai’s lush, untouched, and wild lands has been a backdrop for many a movie looking to depict exactly that.

This all-day, 7.5-hour tour is packed with scenes. The jungles of “Jurassic Park” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and the tropics of “Blue Hawaii” and “South Pacific” will make you want to stay longer than “Six Days & Seven Nights!” The itinerary passes by Opeaka’s Falls, Aliomanu Estates, Kapaa Town, Ahukini Landing, and lookouts over Hanalei Valley and Kealia. Plus, lunch at Tahiti Nui – where “The Descendants” was filmed – is included before you call it a wrap and are taken back to your hotel.  

Fast Facts:

-          Hotel pick-up and drop-off make this an easy tour to get to and get on

-          Fully guided and narrated for a comprehensive experience

-          Available only on Sundays and Tuesdays, so be sure to Plan with a Pro to make sure you plan your trip dates accordingly!

Koloa Zipline

Lots of action movies were filmed in Kauai, but adventures and stunts aren’t only reserved for silver screeners. Here, on a 22,000-acre former plantation, you can go soaring through the treetops of the rainforest on the longest ziplines on the island. This comprehensive park has eight circuits, one of which includes a half-mile Waita line, giving you bird’s-eye views of the land and waterscapes on Kauai’s south shore.

Beyond variety and length, another thing that sets this zipline facility apart is the fact that they feature the “Superman”-style harness. What this means is that instead of being in a seated position as you ride the cables, you’re flying flat and head-first for a real soaring-above-the-treetops feeling. But don’t worry about not being prepared for it – they host Kauai’s only ground school for ziplining, where you’ll go through training to learn and practice aerobatic maneuvers such as spins, turning upside down, starfish, and how to go hands-free. How’s that for exhilaration?

Fast Facts:

-          Closed on Sundays, so Ask a Travel Advisor to book you any other day of the week

-          Be sure to pack and wear long pants and shirts with sleeves and enclosed shoes to participate in this activity. Keep your hair tied back

-          Remember that you’ll be out in the sun, uncovered – you might want to bring sunscreen and a hat

-          The minimum age for participation is 7 years and the minimum weight is 70 pounds, with a maximum of 280 pounds (for safety reasons). All children must be accompanied by an adult and participant rates are not age-dependent.

-          This activity is not recommended for those with back/bone/joint problems, recent surgeries, heart conditions, or people who are pregnant

To help you make the most of your time and money, Ask a Travel Advisor which tours are right for you, your budget, your time in destination, and your schedule. They can help you turn these tour snapshots into your own real-life photo memories.

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