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Why Growing Client Relationships Begins with Growing Your Content

Why Growing Client Relationships Begins with Growing Your Content

Why Growing Client Relationships Begins with Growing Your Content

Why Growing Client Relationships Begins with Growing Your Content

A successful content strategy can strengthen your relationship with customers, constructing meaningful bonds and a loyal client base. Maximize the effectiveness of yours with curated content from ALG Vacations™.

Building a relationship with your clients isn’t just about the actual travel planning. In fact, how you communicate when it doesn’t relate to a vacation on the books is an essential part of developing trust and establishing a bond that lasts long after their trip has ended.

The most meaningful client-advisor relationships are always rooted in how well you listen. Consumers want to feel understood—and to understand you as an advisor. Custom content is one of the most powerful marketing tools for demonstrating both. The data proves it: 82% of consumers report feeling more positive about a company after reading custom content; 78% perceive a relationship between themselves and the company; and 70% feel closer to the company, as found by marketing advisory firm Demand Metric.

Yet producing any ol’ content isn’t enough. It needs to be relevant, to speak to your clients about why you are the one who should plan their vacation. Content needs to serve a purpose.

Whether addressing potential customers, existing ones, or a loyal base of returners, what you choose to say, and how you say it, will have a profound impact on their perception of your ability to deliver on their needs … which in turn will be a determining factor in their decision to work with you, for the first or the fiftieth time.

Imagine you have a client you planned one trip for and would like to reach out to again. This person is a solo traveler who prefers active getaways in destinations known for outdoor pursuits. Now consider that he is on your general email list—your only established point of contact. While occasionally you highlight adventure travel, your emails typically focus on romantic all-inclusive couples resorts in Mexico or family hotels in Dominican Republic. Is he more likely to contact you about a new booking or to start deleting your emails without reading them? Have you shown that you’re attuned to his travel style? Have you given him reason to rebook with you?

While COVID has made the demand for travel advisors unquestionable, it’s important to remember that consumers still have a wide range of options open to them, and the content you produce is one of the most effective ways to validate yourself as the best choice available. Use it to emphasize your expertise. Establish your credibility. Introduce possibilities for personalization. Anticipate their needs and speak to their concerns. Provide updates on hotels and destinations that do or might interest them. When you strategize the content you put out, you control the narrative.

From emails on promotions to more subtle social media posts, you should be assessing each communication you put out. Does it drive your message? Is it reflective of your brand, personal or corporate? Will it appeal to your target audience? When it comes to content, quality will always outpace quantity.

Hold, on, you might be saying. In the marketing world, we’re constantly told we need to be present. A steady output of content is what keeps us front of mind. I have to have x pieces of content every y days!

While it’s true that content can be the little wave that reminds, “I’m here for you,” when overdone, it can quickly become the annoying clap on the shoulder, or, worse, the desperate plea for attention: “You need something, right? I can help. I’m here. Don’t forget about me!”

A successful content strategy lies in striking the balance between valuable content that serves a purpose and consistency of communication. If you only have the resources to write one monthly newsletter and one weekly social media post, but are providing your clients with information they a) need b) want or c) didn’t realize they wanted, that is far better than daily emails and posts that are irrelevant, unengaging, or out of step.

Although you might think content planning requires more time than you can give, ALG Vacations™ makes it easy to cultivate your approach by providing a broad spectrum of quality materials you can use for your clients.


  • TravelBlogue: Content collecting starts here on TravelBlogue. Visit our Shareables section for evergreen and trending articles you can pass on to your customers instantly.
  • Travelogue: Use this new series of digital titles for Apple Vacations, Travel Impressions, and Funjet Vacations to give travelers a reimagined catalog experience. Send one of our full books for true immersion with videos and image carousels, or download specific pages to create a mini brochure of your personal recommendations.
  • YouTube: If you’re not including video in your content strategy, add it now. According to Wyzowl’s 2021 State of Video Marketing survey, 84% of marketers say video has helped generate leads. Another 84% on the consumer side say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by a brand’s video; additionally, people are twice as likely to share video with friends as any other type of content, further growing your reach (Wyzowl, 2020). Find footage ranging from travel trailers to resort safety reels and the COVID Vacation Expectation miniseries on the ALGV YouTube page, and easily share on social media.
  • iReportTravel: For clients used to browsing Tripadvisor for hotel picks, direct them to our new travel review site for traveler-direct feedback they—and you—can trust.


  • ALGV360°: Our single biggest resource for content, ALGV360° is an online marketing library for all six ALG Vacations brands, featuring both download-and-go and customizable pieces. New content, like our meme series in honor of the Year of the Travel Advisor and CDC travel guidelines infographic, is added constantly—and currently numbering over 1,500.
  • Facebook: Like the ALGV page to catch teasers for the latest promotions, destination and industry news, and more you can share with your followers. Personalize with your insights or recommendations to boost engagement.
  • Instagram: Spread the word about deals to ’Grammable destinations with ALGV’s posts and Stories. Don’t forget to include your own tips and hashtags when reposting, and tag us back for extra exposure.

Of course, these are all just resources to get you started. Once you feel more confident with your content strategy, consider growing your library with original pieces: photos from FAMs (or user-generated content from clients, as long as you have their permission to share), real-time video via Facebook Live or Instagram Stories, even a podcast or blog. The key is making sure your communications are authentic, serve a purpose, and create a clear point of connection between you and your customers.

As your content begins to grow, so too will those relationships.

Log in to ALGV360° now to start strategizing. Customize flyers, build social media posts, download video, and discover more content to help you craft your story.

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