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Ten Ways to Prepare for Pent-Up Demand

Ten Ways to Prepare for Pent-Up Demand

Ten Ways to Prepare for Pent-Up Demand

Ten Ways to Prepare for Pent-Up Demand

Draw up plans now to avoid feeling overwhelmed when the rush hits.

Your clients have waited. They’ve anticipated. And now, they’re ready.

… But are you?

As PCR testing becomes more widely available and vaccinations are readied for distribution, travel is quickly transitioning in the minds of would-be vacationers from daydream to feasible option. With new health protocols in place globally and the one-year mark of the pandemic fast approaching, comfort with and need for a change in scenery will only keep growing over the next several months.

Meaning the outburst of demand will be extraordinary.

To help you prepare for that inevitable wave of new bookings, we’ve put together an advisors’ guide for roaring readiness.

  1. Know Where to Go, and How.
    What are the new entry requirements for Costa Rica? When is your customer’s favorite resort reopening? How does the Aruba Visitors Insurance work? Bookmark ALGV’s Let's Go! hub in VAX for the latest list of open hotels and destinations, plus all the essential intel you need for sending clients there.
  1. Have a List of Safe Choices.
    Give travelers TripTrust™ when they book. Our exclusive initiative makes it easy to identify which hotels are leading recovery through meticulous health and safety requirements. Over 2,000 participating properties keep choices far from being limited; look for the TripTrust™ badge in VAX VacationAccess, and know you can recommend without worry.
  1. Feel at Work, at Home.
    If you’re working from home and you haven’t already given yourself a designated space that feels like an office, this is the time to do it. Whether a corner of your living room or a dedicated room, be sure your set-up is organized, ergonomic, and offers at least partial privacy. When things get really busy, the last thing you’ll want is unnecessary distractions.
  1. Accelerate Your Education.
    What better time than now to boost your know-how? Catch a Know. Grow. GO! webinar on a featured brand, destination, or theme like maximizing your earning potential or ways to save on phone time. Fine-tune your VAX skills and test out features you haven’t used before. Try out the sales email tool, or make a test multi-origin booking. Another source for professional development? On-demand Ascend workshops from this year’s virtual event.
  1. Bolster Your Marketing Toolbox.
    Custom marketing shouldn’t be expensive. It shouldn’t be difficult. And it definitely shouldn’t be time-consuming. With ALGV360° as your very own marketing warehouse, you can personalize complimentary content in minutes, from flyers to emails to Facebook and Instagram posts—everything you need for reaching your clients.
  1. Establish a Work/Life Balance.
    Set aside personal time for yourself now, and make it a routine: morning yoga or meditation before work, a no calls/emails/texts during dinner rule, scheduled time to help the kids with homework or stream your favorite TV show. That way, when demand hits its peak, that downtime will already be part of your schedule, and should be treated as an unmissable appointment.
  1. Make Getting There Half the Fun.
    Travelers are seeking more outdoor adventures to let loose safely—and tours are the perfect way to do it. Check out socially distanced options from Amstar (in Mexico and the Caribbean) and Worldstar (in Hawaii) now so you’ll have go-to, commissionable suggestions on hand. But what about the start of their vacation? Clients can play it Safe & Clean with either shared or private airport transfers, thanks to protocols like vehicle sanitation after every use and mask requirements for all staff and passengers sharing rides.
  1. Showcase Your Value.
    Advisors have always brought tremendous value to the table. So don’t be afraid to shout it out! Make it clear just how much value your customers can get by booking through you. Complement your expertise with ALGV’s Exclusive Perks, and that attention to detail with traveler-first policies. Let their minds and their wallets feel at ease knowing that they can cancel for any reason with flexible travel protection; book with zero down; and change, or even cancel, their trip without a single brand fee.
  1. Stay Informed.
    If there’s been one constant during this epidemic, it’s change. Let us do the work and keep you up-to-date; follow ALG Vacations™ on social media or sign up for emails from your preferred brand(s) so you never miss out on announcements ... or the best deals.
  1. Be Mentally Ready.
    Before demand picks up, set realistic goals about what you can and can’t accomplish, and focus on ways to streamline your day. Ask yourself, what tasks will you tackle first every day? Can you delegate or automate any steps? Is there a limit to how many new bookings you can take on at a time? If you’re worried about volume, consider setting up a referral program with other travel advisors in your network. When you reach capacity, send potential clients to a fellow agent, who can then return the favor once you’re ready for new business.

Want even more tips and resources? Stay right here in TravelBlogue! Find more reads directly below, or see what you can share with your clients.

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