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Show Your Clients What You Know … As an ALGVPro!

Show Your Clients What You Know … As an ALGVPro!

Show Your Clients What You Know … As an ALGVPro!

Show Your Clients What You Know … As an ALGVPro!

Our all-new travel advisor specialist program is helping you become an authority on everything ALG Vacations®.

If you’ve ever joined an ALG Vacations® training, you know that the more you Know, the more you Grow … and watch your sales GO! Now, we’re empowering you to take your knowledge to the next level by putting our best educational resources in one convenient, easy-to-navigate place.

The new Education Campus is where you’ll find ALGVPro, a travel advisor specialist program that builds your mastery course by course, boosting your booking savvy and saving you time in the long run. Giving you all the tools you need to close the deal, with it, you’ll learn how to use VAX VacationAccess to maximum efficiency, becoming a true ALG Vacations expert.


Breaking down topics like promotions, booking tools, and programs into quick, digestible courses, ALGVPro offers interactive Certification modules you can work through at your own pace. Once you complete all five, you’ll be an official ALGV Pro—with the certificate to prove it.

Of course, since success means always looking ahead, our training team didn’t stop there. Additional Elective modules let you take your learning even further. Choose the content that makes the most sense for your business needs … but know it’s only the start. Our library will keep growing alongside your know-how for more opportunities to expand your sales.


Bite-sized courses let you cover the gamut of ALGV without ever feeling overwhelmed. As you go, you’ll discover:

  • The differences and similarities between the brands
  • Where to find a full library of educational resources and booking support
  • Navigation shortcuts in VAX for your preferred brand(s)
  • How to make, retrieve, and modify reservations, from simple land-only bookings to 100-room groups
  • Tips and tricks for complex itineraries, like multi-origin, fly/drive, and open jaw
  • Ways to apply payment, including travel credit, and request refunds
  • How to set your own commission
  • The advantages ALGV’s programs, promotions, and product provide
  • All the details on advisor perks – loyalty programs, marketing support, and more


Aside from our best insider tips, certified ALGVPro advisors can gain even more benefits exclusive to their rank:

  • Up to 5 CEU credits – 3 for completing the five Certification modules, and 2 more when you finish the Elective modules
  • Special marketing to proudly proclaim your Pro status
  • Quarterly giveaways, including hotel stays, Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flight seats, and United Airlines® amenity vouchers, for advisors who complete a new module
  • A one-time reduced Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flight fare as part of our Discounted Agent Vacation (DAV) program

Plus, the first 500 advisors to complete all five Certification modules will earn 5,000 WAVES® points to use for some practical study via travel redemption (or any points-purchase you please!).


  1. Visit the Education Campus to access the ALGVPro and verify your credentials (for your initial login only).
  2. Complete all fields to create your account.
  3. From the Campus home page, click Begin Certification and then Register.
  4. Select your preferred learning path (Recommended or Accelerated, for seasoned advisors), then click Complete Registration.
  5. Begin your courses, and finish at your own pace!

So go ahead and tell your customers what they already know: they should leave their vacation planning to a Pro!

Take your ALGV knowledge further than ever. Visit to get started!

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