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Travel Advisor Appreciation Month Is Here! Here’s How ALG Vacations® is Celebrating

Travel Advisor Appreciation Month Is Here! Here’s How ALG Vacations® is Celebrating

Travel Advisor Appreciation Month Is Here! Here’s How ALG Vacations® is Celebrating

Travel Advisor Appreciation Month Is Here! Here’s How ALG Vacations® is Celebrating

Find out all the ways ALG Vacations® is making being a travel advisor partner and ALGVPro even MORE rewarding this May!

ALG Vacations® believes strongly in our advisor partners, and we’ve long been backing up our words with action and investment. Most recently, we lit up Times Square in New York City with Carson Kressley, our official Travel Advisor Champion, with an enormous, centrally located billboard in that famous flashing square. (Read all about it in our TravelBlogue post, ALG Vacations® Kicks off Travel Advisor Appreciation Month in A-List Style!)

… But we know what you REALLY want to know.

What are the prizes and giveaways?!

Let’s get right to it.

ALG Vacations Gets Advisors There – A Getaway Giveaway

This year’s major consumer statement is that Travel Advisors Get You There. But who gets advisors there?

ALG Vacations, obviously! Hence the name of this giveaway. We’re rewarding winning ALGVPro-certified advisors the whole shebang – not just hotel stays! That means air seats for two, a ride to and from the airport or a rental car, and even excursions and, at all-inclusive properties, meals and drinks (naturally!)! Destinations include:

  • Maui and Big Island, Hawaii, with a multi-stop trip that lets you experience the best of both
  • Falmouth, Jamaica in a newly built family-friendly resort
  • Rose Hall, Jamaica, on the island’s most famous beach, Montego
  • Cancun’s Hotel Zone and Riviera Maya, Mexico, a perennial favorite with a broad array of luxury resorts
  • Los Cabos, Mexico, whose dry days practically guarantee a perfect vacation
  • Northwestern Antigua at one of the hottest new properties on the island
  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for luxury so high-end, butler service is standard
  • Orlando, Florida for a park-filled family adventure
  • Las Vegas, Nevada, America’s original high-roller destination

How to Win: Make a booking for any time, anywhere within the month of May for an automatic entry. Earn additional bonus entries—one each—if your booking includes an Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flight and Travel Protection Plus. And yes, it can be one or the other! However, you must be ALGVPro-certified to win.

A woman writing in her journal with a mountain lake in the background

Travel Gear Bundles

All last year, we told consumers to Plan with a Pro. Now it’s your turn to Go Like a Pro! … That is, if you become one of the recipients of our five Go Like a Pro bundles.

We’re giving away travel essentials designed to help you work and play at your best from anywhere, starting with a travel backpack that will be filled with high-end goodies. Every prize bundle starts with that, a Rosetta Stone subscription, and a custom journal … but of course, there’s more. 

Every Thursday on the ALG Vacations Facebook page, we’ll be revealing a clue about one of five mystery items that will also be in the Go Like a Pro bundle. And with the release of each new clue, the Travel Advisor Appreciation Month contest page will be updated, allowing you to find out if you guessed correctly. Every correct guess becomes an entry in the drawing to win your very own Go Like a Pro bundle!

How to Win: Other than the secondary social media contest, the method for winning is the same as the getaway giveaway. Again, you must be ALGVPro-certified to win.

A woman relaxing, leaning back in her chair, with headphones on

Subscriptions You Want

With our emphasis on kindness, an intangible but important trait, we’re boosting our material prize packages with other prizes that have deeper meanings. We’re giving away five winners each for three service subscriptions, with 15 winners total.


How to Win: Same as the getaway giveaway. Again, you must be ALGVPro-certified to win.

Three girl friends hugging in excitement

$500 Visa Gift Card

There’s nothing quite like cold, hard cash to make you feel warm and soft inside. This year, to celebrate the launch of the new groups customization technology, featuring our enhanced Custom Event Pages for groups, we’re automatically entering any advisor who creates one of these pages for a group booking between May 1 and May 31, 2024 into a drawing for this perfectly simple prize. 

How to Win: Make a Custom Event Page for your contracted or GroupEase™ group in the month of May.

Promotional image of two girls and a boy sharing a pool float

Other Goodies

Spread the message this month that Travel Advisors Get You There! We’ve created an ALGV360⁰ marketing toolkit that you can download and share easily, and a special sale to support the message by providing you with discounts and offers that illustrate the value of booking with an advisor

And because we think that anyone should be able to thank a travel advisor, including other advisors (we all know we’re a close community!), go ahead and share a Kindness Card with a colleague, mentor, or friend. A few words in a nice note is all it takes to help someone feel seen and cared about.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to book for big rewards! Happy Travel Advisor Appreciation Month from all of us at ALG Vacations!

For more information on ALGV’s Travel Advisor Appreciation Month giveaways and promotions, visit And don’t forget to share that Travel Advisors Get You There.

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