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New to TravelBlogue for Travel Advisor Appreciation Month: Ask a Pro

New to TravelBlogue for Travel Advisor Appreciation Month: Ask a Pro

New to TravelBlogue for Travel Advisor Appreciation Month: Ask a Pro

New to TravelBlogue for Travel Advisor Appreciation Month: Ask a Pro

You may have (read: definitely have) heard a lot this year about how ALG Vacations® is encouraging travelers of all kinds to Plan with a Pro. The events of rearranging travel around the pandemic has put in sharp relief that there is no advocacy for the travel customer like that of their travel advisor, which is why we put forth a consumer campaign last year called Ask a Travel Advisor, centered around the premise that Travel Advisors Get You There.

Through all of 2022, ALGV spoke up for the travel advisor community and assured your customers that the only way to get back on the vacation train (plane?) was with the guidance of a travel advisor. This year, we’ve been reinforcing it by making sure the public knows that the only way to get their long-awaited vacation off the ground and smoothly is with a travel professional.

However, we know that pros don’t grow out of nowhere.

ALG Vacations® has done a lot to support the escalation of travel advisor expert levels, especially through our Education Campus featuring Know. Grow. GO! webinars and CIE-eligible ALGVPro certification program. We partner with hotel suppliers and destination tourist boards to get you the inside scoop on the most in-demand products we offer for you to sell, and we also provide agencies with custom, in-person support through what isn’t only the largest field sales team in the industry, but one that’s been well recognized with awards.

All of that travel-intensive development is of course crucial to building your business and solidifying your expertise. It’s foundational. However, it’s only one dimension of the experience and knowledge you offer as a travel pro – you’re more than just one topic, one perspective, and one job.

Enter: Ask a Pro with ALGV’s TravelBlogue.

What is Ask a Pro?

In honor of Travel Advisor Appreciation Month, ALGV is launching a holistic content series that will last through Small Business Saturday. Within this TravelBlogue series, we’ll be releasing one-on-one interviews with professionals and experts in their travel-related fields, from health and wellness experts, medical and mental health workers, beauty and fitness gurus, and travel gear pros from all around the world.

But just because we’re only announcing it now doesn’t mean it hasn’t been brewing in the background for some time. You may recognize similar stories in this vein from TravelBlogue in past interviews with experts on various topics, including:

With this ongoing series, we’re diving deeper into the topics on your mind. Look forward to interviews, Q&As, and tips that include:

  • Tips on taking better pictures for social media by a top 100 influencer
  • Skincare tips for BIPOC travelers from a dermatologist
  • Publicity strategies from an award-winning travel publicist
  • What look for in a dog-sitter by a veterinarian
  • Easy in-room workouts from a top-of-the-industry trainer
  • … and so much more!

So stay tuned as we Ask a Pro so that when your customers Plan with a Pro, they’re getting the most.

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