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Stay Calm and Keep Your Vacation Safe with Travel Protection Plus

Stay Calm and Keep Your Vacation Safe with Travel Protection Plus

Stay Calm and Keep Your Vacation Safe with Travel Protection Plus

Stay Calm and Keep Your Vacation Safe with Travel Protection Plus

Protect your trip—and peace of mind!—with Cancel for Any Reason insurance that lets you zig when life zags.

Life happens. And sometimes, it happens to travel.

As this past year has certainly proven, unpredictable events can affect our travel plans without so much as a heads-up. But what if we started to expect the unexpected?

For many of us, a vacation represents a big investment, financially but also in terms of our well-being. So it stands to reason that we’d want to protect it. By preparing for sudden changes in situations (new travel guidelines, finding out a family member tested positive for COVID-19), you can adapt just as fast.

ALG Vacations® makes it easy to pivot when you need to with Travel Protection Plus, available to add on to your vacation within 7 days of booking. Its comprehensive coverage keeps you in control of your getaway, protecting your hotel, flights, and more, no matter the destination or value. Two options let you choose travel credit or cash for a refund in case you have to cancel, but the differences end there. Whichever plan you select, you can rest assured that we’ve thought of just about every travel what-if—and protect you against it.

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Cancel for Any Reason: Get the ultimate vacation flexibility with this perk that lets you cancel up to two hours before your scheduled departure, no questions asked. And if you booked nonrefundable air? It’s still covered! Based on your plan, you’ll get full travel credit or cash back, minus the cost of the plan.

Price Guarantee: If you booked your trip to Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii, or Central America and the price of your hotel or Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flight goes down, let us know, and we’ll update it to the lower cost.

Hurricane Travel Credit: With Travel Protection Plus, you can travel between June and November knowing that if you have nights unused or interrupted because of a category one or greater hurricane, you’ll not only get a refund for them, but an additional future discount certificate, too.

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Medical Expenses: Should you need to see a doctor or go to a hospital while you’re away, you’ll be reimbursed up to $50,000, plus get coverage for travel accidents and emergency evacuation.

Trip Interruption: Say you or your traveling companion does get sick on vacation. With this protection, you’ll be reimbursed for unused hotel nights and flight change fees or fare differences, up to the total cost of your trip.

Travel Delay: If your trip is delayed for six hours or longer because of the airline, COVID quarantine, or other hazards, you’ll get up to $3,000 for meals, accommodations, and transportation.

Missed Connection: Receive up to $500 in reimbursement if you miss a cruise or tour departure because of a covered flight delay.

Baggage and Personal Property: Delayed, damaged, lost, and stolen baggage and personal items are all covered, including up to $300 to purchase necessities if your luggage is delayed by the airline for eight hours or more.

After waiting so long to take it, a vacation is too valuable to waste. With Travel Protection Plus, you’ll know yours is safe no matter what surprises life throws your way.

Travel Protection Plus coverage starts at $49.99 for ages 13+ and $24.99 for ages 12 and under for the travel credit option and $139.99 and $69.99 respectively for the cashback plan. Ask for details on how to add it to your vacation package!

Travel Protection Plus is not applicable to Southwest Vacations, Villas by ALG Vacations™, or scheduled-air-only bookings or to nonrefundable hotels. Restrictions, exclusions, and limitations apply. Contact your travel advisor for details.

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