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One Favorite Thing: Secrets Tulum Resort & Beach Club

One Favorite Thing: Secrets Tulum Resort & Beach Club

One Favorite Thing: Secrets Tulum Resort & Beach Club

One Favorite Thing: Secrets Tulum Resort & Beach Club

One of the best things about the Secrets® Resorts & Spas (part Hyatt’s Inclusive Collection) is that while they all share certain traits, such as service excellence, modern rooms, and all the trappings of Unlimited-Luxury®, they’re still all unique properties. Perhaps that’s why we at ALG Vacations® never tire of the new openings within this brand, as fast and vast as they’ve been!

That also means that every corner of every property has a “best thing” for everyone.

This is especially true for the new Secrets Tulum Resort & Beach Club, a property built in the jungles of Tulum, over an hour south of Cancun, in a layout that takes inspiration from its geographical setting and the area’s features.

While most Secrets® Resorts & Spas are built on beautiful beachfronts, this property is built around stunning manmade cenote and lagoon spaces, under rooftop water features and overlooking a sea of emerald native plants and trees. With access to an exclusive, all-inclusive beach club on the shoreline of Tulum, a short complimentary shuttle ride away, there’s no other resort quite like this one.

In order to find out some of the most unique details about this resort, we spoke to ALG Vacations® team members who have visited for themselves and asked them what their one favorite thing about it was. For a personal, insider look at what makes it special, keep reading to see what they have to say … then share those tips to the clients you book there.  

Darleen Faust

Our Senior Manager, Creative Services Darleen loved the many unique rooftop pools of the resort. Of her favorite, she said “The views were stunning, the bar was close by, and it was peaceful and relaxing,” she says. Tile loungers built into the pools lets just enough water beneath your seat to keep you cool under the sun for a perfect tanning situation. But plentiful comfortable sun chairs on the expansive deck, umbrellas, and even nest-style huts for rent offer options for shade if preferred.

Melissa Wasiak, Loren Janssen & Julie Mollen

“I loved the beach club and beach; it has quintessential Tulum vibes!,” Melissa, Brand Websites & Campaigns Manager said. And anyone that’s ever been to Tulum will know exactly what she’s talking about. Shady tropical trees, a jungle feel, upscale yet trendy, dynamic but casual … these are the earmarks of a Tulum in-town or beach club vacation and a short shuttle from the resort is all that’s needed to go from luxurious resort bubble to hot outdoor club vibes.

Director of Marketing Loren’s top spot was also the beach club for its vibes. “You can just do you there,” she said. “Lounge on the comfy beach chairs, jam to local music, sit on a blazing rooftop and catch a tan, munch on some fresh seafood, drink a cocktail in the sun …” The list goes on and on. While Loren and Melissa’s favorite features were around the club, Julie, our Senior Marketing Manager loved this feature for the second part of its name. “It’s on such a huge, beautiful, expansive beach, complete with shade and beach chairs you don’t have to stalk to get!” she says.

Located on an enormous stretch of bright white beach with cerulean seas, Secrets Tulum’s dual vacation style format certainly gives guests the best of both worlds.

Megan Weisser

Our associate manager of social media for ALGV has been fortunate enough to have visited this resort more than once, covering its feature for our Instagram (@algvacations). While there were a lot of exquisite features she highlighted in her work, per personal favorite feature were the glazed doughnuts at the breakfast buffet … and all day, every day until supply runs out at CoCo Café, her pro-tip for around the clock access to them. “They’re truly the best doughnuts I’ve ever had – I think I ate one every day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and every snack time! They’re the perfect option for every meal and so easily accessible. I miss them so much!” In fact, she loved them so much that “the phone did not eat first,” she admitted. Oops!

Kelly Gould

Our Marketing Operations and Content Manager Kelly was lucky enough to attend a private fixed menu dinner at Secrets Tulum. But unfortunately, the set menu had a seafood entrée and she’s a vegetarian. “I asked if I could have a vegetarian entrée prepared, and not only was the chef extremely accommodating, but he put together a delicious fried tofu dish on the spot – my favorite meal of the entire stay!”

Julia Gilbert

Continuing with food favorites, ALGV’s PR & Communications department’s associate manager Julia challenges the fresh glazed and candy-shell-covered doughnuts with the lobster mac and cheese at Preferred Club restaurant and pool area, The Grotto. “I couldn’t eaten that for every meal,” she raved. It’s one of the most popular items on the elevated lunch menu at this prestige but relaxed setting that overlooks a ground-level pool surrounded by jungle foliage. Islands with clustered beach chairs and nest daybeds are scattered throughout this special pool area for an organic, natural feel as the buildings curving around it cast shadows reminiscent of cenote walls – an inspiration for the entire resort.

Mona Mendoza

Just as sunscreen is a necessity for a full-blast beach vacation, insect protection is a must for any tropical destination, and more so when it’s a secluded jungle retreat. While there are measures in place to protect guests from buzzing intruders, like citronella torches at the outdoor garden steakhouse and herbal smoke at the beach club, and rooftop pools offer breezes and elevation to counter their access, Associate Manager, Trade & Strategic Initiatives Mona found it really thoughtful that all of the rooms provided complimentary natural bug spray. “It saved me from being eaten alive! I didn’t have to worry about being a mosquito magnet; I could just enjoy the resort. Plus, it was all-natural and 100% eco-friendly to protect the rest of the environment!” which is in keeping with the Inclusive Collection and Hyatt ethos of kindness in travel.

Emma Barger

There’s more to a sense of place than natural environment, though, and Associate Manager, Integrated Marketing Emma found herself in the right place at the right time when she happened upon a cultural ceremony one night before dinner. “I wasn’t sure what was going on at first, but once I realized there was a ceremony going on by the main pool, I couldn’t help but to check it out. One of my favorite parts about traveling is being able to experience the culture and explore the roots of the community I am in, and I love that the resort was able to incorporate this into our stay. I found it to be quite beautiful and intriguing and wanted to learn more!”

But that wasn’t all she had to say. “I must add, I really enjoyed the restorative atmosphere of both the resort and beach club. Although the beach club was much livelier than the resort itself, both had such a relaxing and rejuvenating vibe. The rooms, architecture, and layout of the resort really accentuated this feeling. I loved the organic flow the entire resort had (limited harsh lines, natural materials used both in and outside the rooms, and boho ambiance). I think that this resort would be a place I would love to take my mom for some mother/daughter bonding time, and I can only hope I make it back again in the future to do exactly that, rest and reflect.”

Kelci Wihera

Then there are the more conventional staff services and experiences, like what our Marketing Manager for Europe experienced. The spa treatment she made sure to book was the highlight of her visit, but not just because of the massage therapist. “The staff was amazing — they were kind, helpful and made the experience more than just a massage. I was able to truly relax and walked away feeling lighter. I was also able to experience the hydro-circuit. From the sauna to the cold plunge pool to the whirlpool and the various massage jets that targeted stress points from head to toe – it was a rejuvenating experience. And if a break was needed from all the water therapy, the cushioned loungers, refreshing beverages, and light snacks provided a refreshing retreat.” And if that sounds good to your clients, make sure to book them in a Preferred Club room, which offers spa discounts with their stay!

Brook Leitner

Digital designer Brooke is not only an artistic, expressive soul but a bohemian free spirit, too, so it’s no surprise that her favorite feature was the silent disco. “I love to dance and since this resort doesn’t have a dedicated dancing bar, this was a fun and unique experience.” Fellow fan and colleague Julia chimed in that these are always great because “being in that environment where you’re just dancing and having fun, no inhibitions – there’s really nothing better.” Plus, a silent disco in the sand means no disruption to any of the other guests who might be there for relaxation at this serene resort.

Su-Jit Lin

Last, my own favorite feature – the dramatic and jaw-dropping room I was loathe to leave. As Content Manager, my job is often to focus on the small details that define luxury, and the accommodations were so full of features that did that, that I lost track. Dark, stone-textured walls, deep native woods, built-in floating shelves, modern and tasteful light fixtures, and gorgeous, understated soft goods were quiet luxury at its finest. The dark stone used in the absolutely enormous bathrooms for the vanities and oversized shower has a masculine glamour to it, and I loved the open full-wall closet, which had more storage space than many home bedrooms.

However, I’ll second that the doughnuts at CoCo Café were plenty of incentive to leave my stunning room at any given time!

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