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How to Ask for Recommendations, Reviews, and Ratings This Small Business Saturday

How to Ask for Recommendations, Reviews, and Ratings This Small Business Saturday

How to Ask for Recommendations, Reviews, and Ratings This Small Business Saturday

How to Ask for Recommendations, Reviews, and Ratings This Small Business Saturday

Fishing for compliments can feel uncomfortable. Our professionally written templated email options makes soliciting all-important online reviews so much easier!

Asking for a review or recommendation can be pretty stressful. You’re requesting not only their time, but also their praise, and in a society where humbling brushing off compliments is more the norm than simply accepting them, it can feel awkward.

However, online reviews, ratings, rankings, and recommendations are the lifeblood of many small businesses these days. Word of mouth is viral, and web-based referrals are one of the most powerful ways to jump-start fast and sudden growth. But how do you ask for them?

ALG Vacations® is making it easy this Small Business Saturday. We thought, if LinkedIn has their own templates that make asking for recommendations easy, why not create do the same for our travel advisor partners? Our expert copywriting team is offering options for text you can put into an email to any of your best customers this shopping weekend. From these, you can choose the type of vacationer, customize the names and applicable sections, and send!

Review Sites

First, locate your business listing online, then grab the links from those pages.

  • Google your agency and find its listing. Claim it if you’re the owner … but you don’t have to claim it to request reviews.
  • Search for your agency on Facebook.

If you’re an independent consultant without a Google presence, you can also go to LinkedIn and direct people to your own profile. And if your customer base has a lot of Yelpers, you can locate your business on Yelp, too. However, if you want to keep it simple, Google Reviews is where you want to focus your energy.

Subject Lines

It all starts with a good subject line. You want it to be to the point, personal, and not spammy. You also want to make sure that the grammar is correct and professional. Save your emoji use for texts since these are formal requests!

  • A Short Review to Support Small Business Saturday
  • Help Support Small Business Saturday
  • Small Business Saturday Support
  • A Short Review = A Big Difference for Small Business Saturday
  • A Quick Request for Small Business Saturday

Email Text Options

Customer Type: Recent Traveler

Dear Jane,

As Small Business Saturday comes barreling around the corner, I want to thank you for supporting mine. It’s been a pleasure booking your trip and I hope it’s been just as much one taking them with me! If so, it would mean a lot to me if you could write me a short review of your experience with having me plan your trip. Here’s the link: <<INSERT LINK HERE>>

Thank you for your time. I look forward to helping you make more memories in the future!

Customer Type: Family Vacationer

Dear Joe,

Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your family memories! I really enjoyed planning your recent family vacation and hope that it was one you’ll all be talking about for a long time.

As you may know, this weekend is Small Business Saturday. It would mean a lot if you could write a short review of your experience working with me. Just a few sentences and as many stars as you feel is appropriate would do so much for supporting my business. Here’s the link: <<INSERT LINK HERE>>

Thanks again for the privilege of arranging your family getaway! Hope to talk again soon.

Customer Type: Frequent Flyer

Dear Kristin,

It has been my honor to plan several of your trips. As my familiarity with your preferences and our relationship has deepened, I hope my ability to serve you has also grown. If so, it would mean so much to me if you could post a positive review for my agency this Small Business Saturday. As you know, it’s the support of loyal customers like you for small businesses like mine that keeps this country running, so I hope you can find some time to share a few quick sentences … and choose several stars for my service!

Here is the link: <<INSERT LINK HERE>>

Thank you for trusting me with your travel plans all these trips past and in the future.

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