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What You Can Do to Shape the “New Normal”

What You Can Do to Shape the “New Normal”

What You Can Do to Shape the “New Normal”

What You Can Do to Shape the “New Normal”

During ALG Vacations’™ Year of the Travel Advisor (#YOTTA2021), agents get a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to design what the future of travel looks like.

ALG Vacations™ has officially made 2021 the Year of the Travel Advisor. But the impact agents have on the travel industry extend far beyond just this year. What you do and say matters—to us as tour operators; to suppliers who rely on your recommendations; and to customers who put thousands of dollars as well as hopes and dreams in your capable hands.

So as everyone talks about “a new normal” and uncertain future, why shouldn’t you have a say in it? Why not lean on the real experts and travel professionals out there in the field to influence what travel tomorrow looks like? After all, our rewards program isn’t called “go with the flow” … it’s WAVES™ and WAVEMAKER™ because ALGV believes in empowering you to do so.

… Which leads us to a critical component of our YOTTA program: the formation of an elite travel advisor panel.

Unlike past panels, this is not an invitation-only group. This time, now through March 23 only, the doors are open for applications before we make our final selections, providing all travel advisors a chance to influence where we all go from here.

Within this panel, we’ll be asking advisors to weigh in on anything and everything that affects your business now and in the future. This collective of agents will have a say in service improvements, technology focus, policy changes, and more. You’ll have a chance to talk to hoteliers and leaders at major resort brands, to share your insights and advice, and answer questions on how they can serve you and your customers better. We’ll send you surveys, polls, and quizzes to get your hot takes on hot topics of the times, and use those results to inform research that will be distributed across the entire travel advisor community as an additional resource for agencies to use in building their business strategies.

The feedback that will be provided us will be so critical in the recovery of the travel industry, and ALGV knows that we have to do it together—as Jacki Marks has said from the start, and as our organization proclaims in our core values. It’s only fair to make sure that the most important players in our area have their say in how we move forward from here—that you are heard, that you are valued.

That’s where the rewards for participation come in! Sure, civic duty is grand enough, but ALGV gives advisors MORE, right? Which means panel members get more than prestige. Participants will be eligible for bonus WAVES points, raffled stays, and more. They’ll also have first-dibs access to the studies we’ll be putting together about the external environment, client concerns, and other valuable insights that affect your business.

All that said, with the world in flux, we have a rare opportunity to architect “a new normal”—one designed around the needs and goals of the travel advisor community. Won’t you see if there’s a seat for you at the table? Click here to ask us to save you one.

Want to show your support for the Year of the Travel Advisor, but not sure if you can make the time commitment to joining a panel? Pick up some swag and merch from our YOTTA store once it opens and show your travel counselor pride!

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