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Q&A with Palladium on Protocols & Procedures

Q&A with Palladium on Protocols & Procedures

Q&A with Palladium on Protocols & Procedures

Q&A with Palladium on Protocols & Procedures

Asking the tough questions on safety, sanitation, and other COVID-19 travel concerns for your customers.

As people find themselves itching to get out of their home bubbles, the question becomes not so much “where can I go” as “who can I trust?”

That’s why ALG Vacations™ places so much stock in our TripTrust™ program, which places a badge next to the names of hotels that have self-certified as taking measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 by complying with the guidelines of A) trusted government agencies like the CDC and WHO and/or B) private companies that specialize in consulting on health, safety, and sanitation protocols.

Among them is Palladium Hotel Group, who—in addition to the video posted above—was more than happy to answer the tough questions about safety, sanitation, and COVID-19-conscious protocols they’ve put in place at Grand Palladium Hotels & Resorts & TRS Hotels to protect their guests and employees.

Here’s what we found out for you.

Q. What was the main motivation behind implementing the stricter guidelines across all of your brands?
A: One thing we’ve learned during our 50-year history is that our company would not be what it is today without people. They have always been our highest priority, and, as such, their safety and well-being, too.

Q. What recommendations did you use as a formula for conduct during these “unusual times?”
A. We are implementing the instructions and recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and expert authorities in each of the six countries in which we operate. Our objective is to go above and beyond strict compliance, and to raise our standards of safety, quality, health, and hygiene overall across our 48 hotels and resorts in both the Americas and Europe. We want them all to be safe environments where guests are as protected and cared for—maybe even more!—than they are at home. Our guidelines are certified by external laboratories and are a result of an exhaustive analysis prepared by a task force team that includes executives and experienced associates of Palladium Hotel Group who have front- and back-of-house experience.

Q. What hygiene measures are being used for cleaning, disinfection, and protection?
A. To begin with, all hotel spaces—from private to communal and even staff-only work areas—are cleaned with regularity. Objects of common use and ones that arrive from outside, whether it’s luggage or from one of our vendors, will also be subject to disinfection. We’re also conducting infrared thermometer temperature checks on employees, suppliers, and guests at entrance areas, restaurants, fitness facilities, the spa, children’s areas, and more, where we have also increased our hand sanitizing stations. Additionally, the use of masks, gloves, and disposable paper items is mandatory for staff from different departments, and single-use products are being prioritized.

Q. Is social distancing being enforced? And how?
A. We’re adhering to creating at least 6.5 feet of space between family units and have limited capacities to one person for each 26.9 square feet of space. This distance is staff-monitored, and even more strictly enforced in areas where there may be a greater concentration of people, such as restaurants, reception, pools, and the beach. Even in the outdoor spaces, the spacing between hammocks, chairs, and tables have been increased, and markers have been placed to indicate the distance that must be kept.

Q. How has food and beverage service changed?
A. We are actively reviewing and adapting all operating procedures and quality manuals based on the latest guidelines. We encourage guests to make dining reservations in advance, especially since new, limited maximum capacities will be enforced. Guests are escorted to tables that are set up with fully disinfected tableware, cutlery, glassware, and napkins. We’re using single-use packaging and drink service is encouraged to be ordered at the table. Finally, we’re promoting à la carte service and personalized show cooking as opposed to communal or buffet formats, and our room service options have been strengthened for an excellent safe dining alternative.

Q. Have you made any measures in advancing tech to increase safety on the properties?
A. Absolutely. We’re implementing an “ozone and mist” disinfection system to help purify the air, and adding more allergen-free purified rooms to our offer. We’ve also move to digital solutions for check-in and check-out; hotel information; menus; brochures; reservations; and more through our app. This app even discloses our hygiene and cleaning protocols, as well as allows real-time chat with staff.

Q. How are you promoting preventative measures across your properties?
A. It depends on the channels and platforms available in each hotel, but we are actively sharing awareness and best practice messages wherever we have the opportunity. Our employees receive protective equipment and COVID-specific training, too, and are fully able to resolve any type of question regarding this matter. Furthermore, we’re establishing a manual of best practices, too, which will be mandatory learning for all employees and associates.

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