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Defining the House of AïA in Riviera Maya

Defining the House of AïA in Riviera Maya

Defining the House of AïA in Riviera Maya

Defining the House of AïA in Riviera Maya

For many, it’s been a long time since they’ve felt a sense of well-being. We’ve sought things like meditation at home, mindfulness exercises throughout the day, trying to balance work and life – especially for those back in the office – and implementing a practice of daily movement. But at the end of a long, hard day, sometimes, what we really need to re-center ourselves, is a full immersion into what it feels like to be well again … something we may even have forgotten in the past few years.

Enter Palmaïa – The House of AïA … literally!

A concept unlike any other, this award-winning, family-friendly wellness resort, surrounded by the sea, white-sand beaches and 400 hectares of jungle, has natural balance built into its DNA. Constructed sustainably with architecture inspired by its natural surroundings, maintained natural mangroves, and using only indigenous plants in its landscaping and cruelty-free amenities, this property requires roughly half the energy of the average resort. They’re also actively working toward becoming one of the first carbon-neutral resorts in the entire world.

But that’s only the start. Within the overall resort are specialized focus areas, each of which target a part of what wellness means to each of us. Is it a spiritual retreat the soul yearns for? A vibe check via sound baths, energy healing, and more? A more physical internal cleansing, via vegan-friendly meals and spa treatments? Or active resets, such as with yoga?

The House of The Nourishing Biome

When you go with your gut feeling, you’re rarely ever wrong. And if your gut is feeling good, the rest of your body will follow. That’s why this House is one of the most important “core” elements of the experience at Palmaïa. Across all of the dining options, you’ll find locally sourced plant-based cuisine with dishes created with organic ingredients. Recipes are led by chef Charly Garcia and all omit refined sugars, refined seed oils (unless indicated specifically on the menu), housemade fermented food options, seasonal fruit, bread made from sourdough fermented starters and natural unbleached flour, and is 90% unpackaged or processed.

Su Casa Restaurant is the flagship and star of this House, but far from the only option that follows these principles. LEK specializes in native Mexican haute cuisine, featuring hyperlocal flavors and herbs and spices from the on-site greenhouse, while Ume and Mar de Olivo touch on flavors from other parts of the world – Thai fusion and lesser-known Mediterranean cuisines, respectively. Health Café serves smoothies and gluten-free baked goods along with beautiful ocean views, and Charly’s Vegan Tacos taco truck brings more beachfront feels to a meal with its Tulum pop-up style.

The House of the Architects of Life

As you nourish your body to wellness, so must you nourish your senses. Or so the Palmaïa visionaries believe, investing heavily in over 30 weekly holistic and heath activities led by in-house guides, supplemented by contributions from visiting guides who are experts in their fields of physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual healing.

Activities include meditation sessions, therapeutic and recreational yoga, watercolor painting, movement classes, personal training, one-on-one deep stretch therapy, and ancestral dance. On a deeper level, guests can enjoy sound baths, energy healing, learn deep healing mantras, and experience Tibetan bowls, gong baths, cacao ceremonies, a forgiveness ceremony, and individual purification and energetic cleansing. Ladies can also take part in the Sacred Women’s Circle, but all are welcome to book treatments at the Atlantis Spa to benefit from ancient (like Temazcal and Ayurvedic) and organic herbal treatments.

The House of The Rituals of Sound

If the aural experience of a sound bath appeals, the House of The Rituals of Sound should “sound” amazing. This program is all about the music, where beautiful locations are mindfully filled with curated music designed to help guests feel light, free, and filled with joy. All are invited to release energy through dance at the beach club as well as on the grounds at events; a preview is available through Spotify.

The House of AïA

Finally, the signature House, which “reignites the magic that you lost as a child” so that guests can connect to and feel a oneness with nature and healing methods of ancient cultures, including local Mayan traditions.

This awakening of the magic the primary principle of this wellness resort, achieving this through wonderous experiences, a cleansing of the mind and body, repair of energy flow … and stress- and worry-free full luxury that lets guests fully immerse in their higher-level journeys.

The Unrestricted Experience is part of Palmaïa’s Gifting Lifestyle all-inclusive concept, and includes a huge list of inclusions:

  • Wellness activities
  • Dining at six restaurants and food venues
  • 24-hour in-room dining
  • Pool and beach service
  • Eolo Beach Club & Bar
  • Top-class mixology
  • Live music
  • Atlas Club Lounge
  • Guides and concierge service
  • Jungle Gym and Fitness Center
  • Bike-sharing service
  • Stand-up paddleboarding
  • WiFi
  • Refillable bottle – no plastic bottles on the grounds

Plus, children staying in the 90 family suites, in three categories – including swim-outs and Family Master Suites with separate rooms for kids and parents – benefit from the Awen children’s program, inspired by Waldorf. There’s also kid-friendly bamboo bicycle rides, special Architects of Life and Rituals of Sound activities, and a mini aqua park behind Su Casa Restaurant at the family pool.

For adults who would rather focus on their own journeys, the adults-only tower offers 60 suites in five categories (which also includes swim-out) facing the Caribbean Sea or the infinity pool with a bar.

With so many options, the experience is as unique as the wellness needs of every one of its individual guests. And we can certainly sigh “AïA” to that.

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