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Balance Your PH for Wellness

Balance Your PH for Wellness

Balance Your PH for Wellness

Balance Your PH for Wellness

No, we’re not talking about your pH, your potential of hydrogen—we’re talking about Planet Hollywood Beach Resorts!

You know what’s better than alkaline water to get your pH straight? A big PH adjustment, Planet Hollywood Beach Resorts-style! Because if there’s one chemical we could all use a reset on after the past year and a half, it’s serotonin, and if you ask us, there’s nothing like a seaside escape to get that leveled out right. Because rather than fixing your potential of hydrogen, this brand of resorts are designed to make you feel like one—a star, that is!

I was lucky enough to go #OnLocaTIon with Travel Impressions at their Costa Rica resort (#TIGetsPHamous) when it first opened, and experience their PHamous “Vacation Like a Star” promise myself, and boy did they live up to it. I would say we could only imagine how they’ve improved on it in time … but why imagine when we can just tell you?!

We were able to get the scoop from this burgeoning brand about the special details they’ve perfected along their way from Costa Rica to Cancun, so slip on your Louboutins and take a quick walk with us in a star’s shoes. Here are some ways to recalibrate to a better PH.


We mentioned that Planet Hollywood Beach Resorts are good for your health and wellness, so it only makes sense to lead the list with exactly that. Their PUMPED fitness centers are all really well-equipped with the latest and greatest gear. As such newly built resorts, everything is in tip-top, PHighting shape—much like you’ll be after a week here, especially since they do have heavybag kickboxing classes available, as seen here on our #OnLocaTIon social media takeover! They bring in amazing professionals from around the world to teach serious fitness classes, from yoga and mobility to functional movement and obstacle course training.

PH Spa

Of course, you need R&R to go with all of that adrenaline-boosting activity, which is what the tranquil PH Spas take care of. “Inspired by natural elements and Hollywood’s golden age,” these posh sanctuaries have star treatments on their body treatment menus that are fit for a celebrity. They even use top-of-the-line products, like Eminence Organic Skin Care to bring your largest organ back to a healthier state.

PHabulous Beds

The spa is a great place for a snooze, but even better? Your own suite at these resorts. These beds are seriously as comfy they’re purported to be, making it easy to catch up on the precious beauty rest that your body needs to get all of your chemicals back in order. Blackout curtains, the PHTV™ relaxation channel, curated music playlists, and rain showers in the luxurious spa bathrooms all play a role in helping you turn down for what?! For sleep.

PH Experiences

A good nights’ sleep can do wonders for your hormonal balance … but so can a little bit of fun! Part of the experience of staying at a Planet Hollywood Beach Resort is the priceless memorabilia scattered around the properties, making it the most star-studded scavenger hunt ever. But for more structured activity, there are monthly special events and daily activities for guests of all ages, from movie screenings in the theater and under the stars, and themed parties and live entertainment that will knock your socks off. The limited-run Queen performance I attended while #OnLocaTIon and the Costa Rican culture dinner party and show I went to were amazing, and they’ve only gotten bigger and better as they’ve expanded now to the new Cancun and Adults Scene properties in Playa Mujeres—just opened in Winter 2021.

PH Attractions

Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Cancun took everything we loved about Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica in beautiful Papagayo, made it bigger, and added more. For instance, this new location has a FlowRider® surf simulator, a mini-golf course, Jurassic World Splash Park, Planet Play Adventure Park, and the Adults Scene hotel. This separate adults-only experience provides guests access to the whole expansive property and all its amenities, plus provides exclusive bells and whistles. For instance, a child-free pool, beach, and bar zone, plus restaurants like the Braza Grill Brazilian steakhouse.

If this still isn’t enough to improve those PH numbers, get a quick booster with the STAR Class™, which offers a whole new level of A-list privileges and amenities. Or, you can dial it up slowly, taking in the luxury literally, bite by bite with their Crave – World of Flavors program. After all, holistic wellness is often centered upon what you ingest, and Planet Hollywood Beach Resorts makes it easy to center health over indulgence, if that’s what you prefer. Specialty coffees, healthy smoothies, and plentiful vegan and vegetarian options and gluten-free adaptations of their big-screen hits all serve that purpose. But don’t forget to treat yourself, too—I still think about their signature Purple Haze signature cocktail, a refreshing, herbaceous drink perfect for sipping under the sun.

All that said, I’m ready to get my PH looked at again! Once was definitely not enough. Join us there … for your health?

Forget the “gold standard” … learn about The (Blue) Diamond Standard for health and safety protocols, all part of the celebrity star treatment of Planet Hollywood Beach Resorts.

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