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Schoolcation: A New Way to Blend Vacation & Education

Schoolcation: A New Way to Blend Vacation & Education

Schoolcation: A New Way to Blend Vacation & Education

Schoolcation: A New Way to Blend Vacation & Education

E-learning has its share of challenges. There’s the loss of the social aspect, the experiential element, of learning. There’s the fidgeting and the mid-afternoon crankies. The interruptions, whether at home or to your internet service.

… And then there’s teacher’s block.

You know, that feeling when you know you need to teach the kids something useful in a way that’s interesting, but you’re not exactly sure what or how?

That’s where ALG Vacations™ is trying to step in with a helping hand with an all-new animated mini-series called Schoolcation!

Designed to help children think of vacation destinations as more than just havens of relaxation, it only takes the few minutes each webisode takes to make them realize that there is richness and diversity in cultures and lands that go far beneath the surface. In each afternoon snack-sized chapter, an adorable animated redheaded teacher takes students (and their families) on a mini field trip to attractions related to a specific destination, dropping knowledge nuggets they’ll eagerly—and easily!—consume. 

In just a few minutes of viewing, young pupils can have their eyes opened to a variety of subjects that relate to some of America’s favorite travel destinations—maybe even one you’ve shared as a family, lending context to the vacation and relating leisure to knowledge.

For instance, the launch mini-series focuses on Cancun and the Riviera Maya, with short webisodes that touch on important aspects of art, science, and history in that destination.

Share this series not only to open up a conversation with homebound wanderlusters, but also provide fodder for teacher’s block. Learn about one of the area’s most beloved residents, and its way of life. Get a glimpse into the world of an ancient civilization at a site named one of the New Seven Wonders. Learn how art and conservation converge at one of the most unique museums and galleries in the world. And then see where these cues can take the day’s lessons, and find inspiration at these starting points.

With Schoolcation, the whole family will only be that much more excited when the time comes for them to experience in real life what they’ve learned in virtual mode.

Click here to take a Schoolcation field trip with ALGV now!

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